Arrest is an amazing chemical that fights the problems caused by boys with bad aim for the toilet.


Remove uric acid odors the natural bioenzymatic way. This formulation features select bacterial strains which attack uric acid soils, stains and odors found in restrooms. Use as part of routine cleaning around the base of toilets and walls, grout and floors around urinals.


18" Smooth Exam table/changing table barrier rolls

changing paper

18in. x225 ft. white 12/cs


Armor crest Shoe Covers

shoe covers

lg. blue, 400/cs

# 25440L

Diaper Disposable bags


Easy, convenient, and inexpensive way for disposing diapers.

10" x 14" Disposal Bags on a roll 1000/cs.



The professional way to soak up and clean up mess and odor. Instantly.           Fortified with enzymes to help eliminate odor!