Nyco Arrest

Arrest is an amazing chemical that fights the problems caused by boys with bad aim for the toilet.

Remove uric acid odors the natural bioenzymatic way. This formulation features select bacterial strains which attack uric acid soils, stains and odors found in restrooms. Use as part of routine cleaning around the base of toilets and walls, grout and floors around urinals.



MARVALOSA is a commercial grade, multi-purpose cleaner with a pleasant, long-lasting lavender fragrance. Clean and deodorize in a single time-saving step. Use on a variety of surfaces including floors, walls, and woodwork. Ideal to use in kitchens, schools, hotel rooms, lobbies, entrances, and other public areas. This product is DfE (Design for the Environment) approved.


Nyco Foamy Soft



High foaming hand cleaner containing the antibacterial agent PCMX. pH balanced for use on hands and skin. Rich, stable lather leaves skin clean and refreshed. Ideal for use in offices, schools, clinics, industry, health care, health clubs/fitness centers, preschools and restaurants, etc.

Delightful, fresh scent creates a cleaner, more attractive, environment. For use in refillable foam soap dispenser programs. More economical than sealed cartridge foam systems and has greater yield than traditional liquid hand soaps.


Dust n' More




Champion Sprayon® Dust n’ More™ is formulated to attract dust and fine particles. Restores the original shine to all surfaces without wax or silicone. Cloths treated with this lemon-oil emulsion enhance fine wood furniture.

 Leaves no residue.

 •Lemon-oil emulsion

•Can be used as a dust cloth and mop treatment

 •Does not contain wax or silicone

 •Fresh lemon scent

•SprayAnyWay™ valve

  Recommended uses  Ideal for pre-treatment of dusting cloths and mops. Also cleans and polishes metals.